Polyamory Exploration

Join us as we explore a new relationship style and talk about what it means to be polyamous. There is so much to discuss this is only one part.

Chris Leadbetter
Fireside stories w/DHE

Join us for episode 10 with The DHE Crew as we sit around a fire and tell stories of how it all came to be and how we all meet each other. Check Episode 11 for the finally!!!

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Welcome Back Gay Jess!!!

Lets all help welcome Jess back to the podcast. In this episode Jess and I talk about what has been happening and where the fuck he has been. We talk about the new women in our lives and a little work... 

Talking about BEER!!!

In this podcast Jess and I talk about different drinking games, different beers, and share some drinking stories. This Podcast was recorded on location at the Casual Pint in Smyrna, TN. 

Chris Leadbetter