What topics will you discuss on the podcast?

I am going to discuss so much its hard to list them all… But I will stick to the basics like drinking, dating, friends, movies, music, motorcycles, custom cars, beer, and soo soo soo much more!!!! Tune in to find out what I will talk about next.

is the podcast family friendly?

The podcast is rated 17+ as I do fucking cuss a lot and talk about some graphic content. However I am not here to tell you how you should be raising your children or what they can and cannot listen too. Listen and decide for yourself. 

where can i find the podcast?

The podcast is always available on the website in downloadable form, but if you use another platform we will try to accommodate you. It is currently on iTunes & Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play, and many more. I can try other platforms if requested. But really stop being such an ass and just download from the site or use what is there….

can we suggest a topic for the show?

Bring it on!!! I am always willing to not just discuss your topic, but if you want to come on and tell the world about it yourself hit me up!  

Where is the show located?

It is where ever I am for that moment in time… It could be in your living room, or maybe at your local watering hole. I will record from wherever and whenever I decide….