Getting the show started... And BEER!!!

Alright peeps, Chris here. I wanted to drop y'all a line on our blog page to get you started with what you can expect with the show. I also wanted to let you know about the show schedule so you know when you can start to expect the show to start. 

To start the show we will be talking about beer. Its a topic so many men love so we thought we would jump right in. My partner, Jess, will be coming from WA to Nashville for a convention about beer so what a better time to get in some talk about beer. We are hoping to do the show on location either at the convention or in a local brewery or pour house.  I have been working with a few already and maybe we will get a few in the bag while Jess is in town. 

On to the show release date. Jess and I are hoping to be able to post our first show on the 5th of May. That only gives me a few weeks to get all my shit in order.. Being that I am new to podcast production I want to make sure that we get it as close to right the first time as we can. All the equipment has been ordered and I will start test runs as well as some live videos on our Facebook page soon. 

So stick around and feel free to drop us a line to suggest topics for our future shows. 

*we are also looking for sponsors so if you or someone you know is looking for some promotion have then reach out me. 

-Chris AKA The BEARD