Getting Setup

What up followers of The Beard and The Bear Show! So 80% of our material to record the show and sounds like a bag of screaming cats is here and tested. I still need to a microphone for Jess, but well fuck they are expensive. I had hoped I would have some stuff for you to buy up so I could make some damn money off you people. Guess that will have to wait until the cash flows a little easier.. I recorded some very basic stuff today and did some editing. If my buddy would get our into and outro music recorded I would have some stuff for you all to listen to. Well just I just need to keep hammering on him. We didn't want to steal music off the internet as we believe in paying the artist for their efforts and as previously stated cash is tight right now. 

On a brighter note the recording of the vocals sounds pretty good even with my crappy microphone that I purchased. I truly hope someone other than my mom is reading this... but honestly I could give a shit if you don't. I wont stop until I have you under my spell and we have some good money coming through the door. 

Other than this peeps I ain't got much else to say. So for now CHEERS!!! 

Chris LeadbetterComment