Learn something new.... Always!!!

So as I sit here in a bar waiting on some friends who want to advance their lives and make things better I thought it would be a good idea to post about it. 

Something I am always promoting in life it to always be learning. Always be looking for ways to advance yourself in life. 

I do this in many ways. I am always reading books, watching videos and taking online classes. I use Skill Share as well as software companies will often load tutorial videos on their websites on how to advance your skills with their software. I visit Adobe and Quickbooks all the time for this information. I also listen when smarter people than me talk about what they are reading or have read. I read books on how to advance my life skills as well as books on information that I value like economics. 

So there you have it. Always be learning something new and always be looking at ways to increase your skills. Things will always change and if you are not always learning you will be the one looking for that job that may not exist anymore. 


Chris LeadbetterComment