2019 resolutions

Like I talked about in the Welcome to 2019 episode I have created a page so you can monitor my progress and leave comment about your goals/resolutions for 2019! I will try to keep this page up to date, but check our Instagram and Facebook pages for more!

Fat Pic Day 1 Side.jpg

Fitness 2019

This is my fitness currently and as you can see I have a long ways to go…. But this was day one so we are going to keep working on it and hopefully you will keep me working towards that goals of finding the abs that are somewhere under that crazy amount of beer belly!

Fall Risk.jpg

Hiking 2019

This year I am going to get back into the woods… although they are going to be completely new for me in TN. Let all hope I do not get a snake bite…



With this I am planning to enter shooting competitions and see how good I really am vs the others who also have guns… Let get some!